MEAR Partners, LLC, founded in 2008, provides IT consulting and software integration solution services to commercial and government customers across the United States.

The core technological focus for the founding partners since early 2000 has been working with Enterprise Information Portals or EIPs. Working with EIPs has enabled us to be at the cutting edge of technology while being able to focus on core cost savings for clients throughout the project lifecycle.

MEAR Partners’ developers and administrators become fully integrated into the project team to assist with any phase in the life cycle of your project. Our first class product knowledge, collaborative effort, work flexibility and creativity, help you bring your projects from infancy to maturity, from a thought to a working solution, from development to production.

Since founding MEAR Partners in 2008 our focus has always been on saving money for our clients by recommending smart solutions that provide the highest Return on Investment (ROI).

Working with Enterprise Information Portals has uniquely positioned us in the market place to provide our customers with a fresh perspective to solving problems. We are experts in System integrations and Database solutions. We also have vast experience in web design, administration and development.

MEAR Partners has a long track record of implementing successful solutions in production environments. We are equally skilled in both Microsoft and J2EE environments.

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